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my brother just told me the garfield theory of how he was hallucinating everything because he was homeless and nobody wanted him and he hates mondays because he died on a mondayand now i’m depressed


I feel like one of the things that sets Bobs Burgers apart from its counterparts in shows like Family Guy is its penchant for love and sincerity in its characters. Tina doesn’t get relentlessly mocked by her family members for being awkward and homely for laughs like Meg Griffin would be, the comedy is instead in how they defend her from people giving her crap. The parents and the kids and the siblings all have moments where they assess how close they are often and it’s something not seen much in these sort of family-based animated comedies (besides early Simpsons). BB may not be a perfect show by any means, but I feel like its sense of heart definitely makes it more fun to watch than a lot of its peers in primetime animated comedies. 




Eat Your Tardigrades or You Don’t Get Dessert!

You know this little guy, right? It’s the mighty tardigrade, as featured in the new Cosmos. Tardigrades, also known as water bears, also known as FREAKIN’ MOSS PIGLETS, are microscopic eight-legged animals that can withstand temperatures from near absolute zero to boiling water, absorb extreme doses of radiation, go without food or water for ten years, and even survive the vacuum of space. They can even be completely dried out and ride on the wind to a new home, where they rehydrate and go about their tardibusiness. Tardigrade rain, folks.

In other words, they are BAMFs (bad-ass microfauna).

Oh, and you’ve probably eaten them. Thanks to Meg Lowman, I found out that these water-dwelling super-critters live not only on wild mosses and wet plants, but on grocery store produce like lettuce and spinach. Do you think that a mere rinse or shake under the faucet (or even cooking) is enough to dislodge a radiation-eating space pig? Ha! Not by a long shot, according to Lowman.

So yeah… trying to go strictly vegetarian? You’ve almost certainly eaten some tardigrades. Sorry. Don’t worry, though. They’re totally harmless. I like to imagine that when I eat them, I absorb their power, and become a little bit mightier.

New motto: For strength, eat your vegetables and eat your tardigrades.

Meg Lowman has more about your local tardigrade friends. Also check out Lowman’s awesome research project that helps wheelchair-bound students climb to the top of the forest canopy where they help study tardigrade biodiversity. Science is for everyone!

i love its stupid face

You know, if they can withstand almost absolute zero and space, don’t you think they could survive the trip through the human digestive system?

If corn can, they can.

  • Me:

    ♪ I feel pretty / Oh so pretty / I feel pretty and witty and briiiight! ♪

  • My sister:

    Do you really feel pretty?

  • Me:

    No, actually... ♪ I feel nothing / Abject nothing / There's no bluffing the nothing I feeeel! I feel nothing like aaaabsolutely nothing's reeeeal (La lalala la la laa la laaaa) ♪

  • My sister:

    That's not good...

  • Me:

    ♪ I feel empty / Oh so empty / It's aplenty, the empty I feeeel! I'm so empty, I wiiiish that someone would poison my meeeeal! ♪

  • My sister:

    Stop that.

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